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After School & Summer Program:
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Program Fees

Our competitively priced programs are all inclusive and do not require a contract. We provide all meals and snacks, mats, sheets, general classroom supplies, toothpaste, and more. We also offer multiple options to meet your family’s specific needs. On this website, via the Pay Tuition page, enrolled parents are able to utilize our secure and convenient Online Payment Portal.

Monthly Tuition Rates

Full-Day Care
(6:30 AM- 6 PM)
 Class Name
Infants $891.00 Sprouts
One Year Olds $833.00 Seedlings
Two Year Olds $769.00 Saplings/Sweet Gums/Sugar Maples
Three Year Olds $738.00 Loblolly Pines
Four Year Olds $706.00 Magnolias
Fours/Prekindergarten $706.00 Dogwoods

Registration Fee $150.00
Summer Activity $85.00
Summer Session Reg. Fee $85.00

Additional Fees