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About Us

Our After School & Summer Program is proud to be a thriving ministry of Snyder Memorial Baptist Church. Since 1981 we have served the Fayetteville and surrounding communities by providing a safe, fun, and Christian “week day” home for school-aged children. We offer after school pick up from 13 local public and private schools and an amazing summer program packed full of enrichment and adventure for K-6th graders. From the use of our top notch facility to our out of town trips, Snyder After School & Summer Program is where the after school fun ends just as the summer excitement begins.

Snyder After School & Summer Program’s Philosophy

School-age kids want to feel all grown up, yet they still crave comfort and security. So instead of just daycare, our after school and summer program is designed to support a child’s increasing interest in sports, art, music and more.

Our counselors provide a balance of organized and self-selected activities, all in a positive, supportive, strong Christian atmosphere. Whether relaxing, doing homework or having fun with friends, children thrive as members of Snyder After School. And you’ll have peace of mind knowing your child is safe and having fun.

Within Snyder Memorial Baptist Church, The Preschool & Learning Center and the After School & Summer Program work harmoniously. We pride ourselves in honoring the NAEYC Ethical Code of Conduct, specifically Ideal 1.12-“To work with families to provide a safe and smooth transition as children and families move from one program to the next”. It is our goal to make you feel at home and for Snyder to be that home through all the years of your child care needs.

At Snyder After School we offer a distinctly innovative and unique environment for our school-age children. K-6. We do not limit our program to one teaching venue or method, but rather provide a variety of educational and exciting choices. Our wonderful facility affords us the opportunity for the children to leave the typical “daycare” classroom and explore various themed rooms. Each area encompasses unique opportunities and equipment for challenging “hands-on” learning and fun exploration into the world of science, math, computers, dramatic and creative arts, plus sports and physical activity. However, our After School and Summer Program programs are not an extension of the typical school day, but are designed to complement it by providing many enrichment opportunities to the students coming to our facility. We also provide homework time each day to assist in the completion of your child’s school assignments. Snyder After School’s goal is to give family life back to the families we serve. Our children spend fun-filled days, on the move, participating in activities that stimulate their creativity, spur their imagination, and get their bodies moving!!

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