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Health, Safety & Security

Here, at Snyder Memorial Preschool and Learning Center, your child’s health, safety, and security are our highest priorities as we see these as the first and most important factors to their ability to grow and learn to their fullest potential. All teachers and staff members complete hours of health and safety training to ensure a consistent and effective approach to maintaining a safe and healthy environment.

Wellness Policy

Our Center conducts a visual inspection of our center’s children upon arrival every day to include daily temperature checks. Checking for signs of fever or general illness, our teachers maintain awareness of their students’ overall wellness. If you have questions about our Wellness Policy, please contact us through any of the channels on the Contact Us page.


With the appropriate documentation required by law, we are able to administer medication. For additional information regarding our Medication Policies, please contact us through any of the channels on the Contact Us page.


Aside from all rooms being cleaned daily, the teachers also clean throughout the day. We strive to maintain visual tidiness and a pleasant aroma in all areas. We use proper dilutions and safe practices with all chemicals and cleaning supplies and all members of our staff complete training for handling hazardous and biohazardous materials. We also encourage the children to learn basic cleanliness practices such as frequent handwashing.


Our site maintains an Emergency Preparedness Response plan and ensures all employees understand and review the plan on a regular basis. We conduct various drills and maintain current emergency information to guarantee a seamless transition in the event of an emergency situation. The Center collaborates with WRAL, WTVD, and Spectrum to broadcast widespread information concerning closings. Additionally, the Center’s teachers will conduct telephone tree call processes to inform parents and guardians in the event of an emergency situation.


We take great pride in maintaining a high level of security throughout our center. With a secure, keypad entry door, only pre-authorized persons have access to the facility. Also, we change the code for the keypad monthly. Every area of the facility is monitored using Closed Circuit Television. While the children are constantly and consistently engaged with their teachers, our administrative staff additional does checks at least once an hour. All teachers and staff pass a North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Criminal Background Check every three years. We maintain strict and detailed record keeping of all child transitions from simple room-to-room transfers to field trip transportation. There is no greater responsibility than being charged with your children’s safety and we take this responsibility very seriously.